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At BHL Tree and Land Services LLC, we specialize in brush and land clearing, transforming overgrown and neglected areas into clean, usable spaces. Our expertise extends to handling everything from brush mulching with a flat deck mulcher to full-scale land clearing for pre-construction projects. We ensure your property is up to code by clearing a path 15ft from existing residences. Our team is dedicated to providing thorough clean-up and debris removal, making us the go-to choice for land clearing needs.

Transform Your Land with Our Land Clearing Services in Palm Bay, FL, Serving Brevard County

Dealing with overgrown land can be overwhelming. Whether it’s a residential lot or a pre-construction site, unkempt land poses various challenges. Based in Palm Bay, FL, serving Brevard County, our land clearing services address these issues. BHL Tree and Land Services LLC specializes in brush clearing, land grading services, and brush mulching, transforming cluttered areas into neat, code-compliant spaces. Our approach alleviates the stress associated with overgrown properties. We guarantee satisfaction by efficiently clearing land, providing a clean slate for your future projects or enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property.

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Total Debris Removal and Cleanup

After clearing the land, dealing with the debris is crucial. Our service includes comprehensive debris removal, ensuring that every piece of brush, tree, and mulch is properly taken care of. This aspect of our work is vital for a clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment post-clearing. Our team’s meticulous approach to debris removal sets us apart, providing a thorough clean-up that leaves your property ready for its next phase.

Pre-Construction and Hurricane Cleanup

Nestled in Palm Bay, FL, serving Brevard County, BHL Tree and Land Services LLC excels in preparing sites for pre-construction and post-hurricane cleanups. Our land clearing service is comprehensive, making it ideal for construction projects and restoring land post-storm. We ensure every aspect of the clearing is handled with care and efficiency, leaving you with a site that’s ready for construction or rejuvenated after a storm.

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